Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Sister Rivalry? Kate Vs. Lottie Moss

I've never been a big Kate Moss fan, so the fact that she had a younger sister was news to me. Meet Lottie Moss:

At the mere age of just 13 years old, she's already making her debut in the modeling industry.

She was actually spotted at older sis, Kate's, wedding earlier on in the year, where she was a flowergirl, along with 14 other girls that she apparently "towered over" and by all means stood out from.

Now agencies from all over are rushing to sign her, while her father, Pete Moss, proclaims it's just early days yet but thinks it's only appropriate that Lottie make the most of her talent.

I personally think she's absolutely beautiful, but at the tender age of 13 years old, I'd be slightly worries about her being taken advantage of by the industry! Definitely one to watch, though.



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  2. Wow, she's gorgeous! I didn't Kate had a sister either.


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