Monday, 21 November 2011

H and M Smokey Eye Brush

I'd like to talk a little about the H and M Smokey Eye Brush that I bought recently.

As you can see, the H and M Smokey Eye Brush is a dual ended tool. On one end, a fluffy shadow brush and the other an angled brush. I found this at a steal for just £1.99, so had no reason not to buy and try considering the low price, although was initially a little skeptical about the quality as it was such a budget product and from a high street store.

Firstly, both brushes come mounted on this sleek, black handle, with the words "by H&M" imprinted in white text. It's certainly a chic looking tool to say it's so cheap.

I'm, in particular, a fan of angled brushes. They comes in use for multiple purposes, especially lining the eyes and eyebrows.

Not too long ago, I decided to bleach my hair blonde from my natural, mousy brown shade and I like to dye my eyebrows a few shades lighter than my natural colour and use this brush to fill them in with a light brown shadow to make them look fuller and more defined.

This brush is also great when used with eye liner. I find that you get a lot more precision out of an angled brush, particularly with gel liner products. It's a lot easier to control the thickness, shape and is brilliant for winged effects, for example.

The shadow brush is a God send. I usually use an Elizabeth Arden shadow brush, also dual ended with an angled brush, but it is a lot flatter than the H and M Smokey Eye Brush and is less fluffy, so is meant for more precise application rather than a smokey effect. The H and M brush, however, creates this beautiful soft gradient effect on the outer edges of your shadow application and blends brilliantly. I especially love using it with dark colours to create this sultry, sexy eye look.

This brush is definitely a competitor, even against designer brushes. I don't have a single bad word to say about it, although I'm curious how long the synthetic material they are made out of takes to wear. I rate this product a 4/5 and would definitely recommend!


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