Sunday, 11 December 2011

Top Tip: Lightening Root Regrowth

In between bleaching my hair, I use heat activated Sun In spray to lighten the natural colour of my roots.

After showering, I spray onto wet hair and blow dry.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Top Tip: Make Your Own Lipgloss

Why not go for the cheap alternative and make your own lip gloss? It's easy! Simply choose your favorite shade of eye shadow and mix with Vaseline. Add more or less eye shadow to increase and decrease the pigment to achieve a lighter or darker shade. Perfect for if you're looking for a more imaginative and daring lip gloss colour! Then use small containers such as the ones below to stock up.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Crest Whitening Strips

This is a recommendation for anyone out there looking for tooth whitening methods and products!

At the start of the year I'd been interested in looking at tooth whitening. I'd never used it before or even thought about it, but I'd gotten rid of braces a few years previous and I wanted to make the best of my teeth. They've never been yellow or discoloured but brilliant white teeth was something I was a big fan of, especially given that they were now straight and I wanted the whole package, basically.

I first tried this cheap ass tray and gel set which I was not so much a fan of! I believe it was from Body Care and costed something along the lines of £4. The gel tasted disgusting and I found myself dribbling all over the place with the tray on and to be honest, it didn't make that much of a difference.

After researching tooth whitening methods further, I came across Crest Whitening Strips, which seem to be somewhat of a phenomenon within the industry. And within reason, may I add!

They're rather expensive - I bought mine from Ebay at discounted price - but you only have to use them probably every 12 months or so and I got a 2 week supply (14 upper strips, 14 lowers strips, 28 strips in total).

They are basically plastic strips that are applied to the teeth and when pressed onto the teeth's surface and folded at the edges mould to the shape of your teeth, making the application precise and secure. No mess, gloop or dribbling. You can hardly notice they're there. I regularly went about college and performed my everyday business with them on without the worry of saliva down the face or a speech impediment.

There are two options when using Crest Whitening Strips: twice a day for half an hour each time, which would take you a week to complete the course, or once a day for half an hour which would take two weeks.

The two week course is for people with more sensitive teeth. One of the downfalls of this products is that it does sensitize the teeth, which can be very painful. I started using the twice a day method for a week, then reverted to only once a day as my teeth became quite sensitive.

The only other negative thing I have to say about this product, which really is not particularly relevant as it isn't a permanent issue, is that it does cause spotting on the teeth and white patchiness on the gum line and enamel, but this disappears within hours and is never a long lasting issue.

I was extremely pleased with this product. I had amazingly white teeth at the end of the course and months on I still have lovely white teeth. Please remember, brushing on a regularly basis is mandatory for the cleanliness and health of teeth which are both contributing factors to their whiteness. If you don't brush, they will probably just stain and become yellow a little time after whitening.

I would really recommend this product to smokers, heavy coffee and tea drinkers, etc. Like I said at the beginning of this review, I have never had particularly yellow or discoloured teeth but I believe those that do would be very benefited by this product, noticing a brilliant difference in the whiteness of their teeth.

Here is a video demonstrating how they work a little further!

I rate this product 4/5!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Coming Soon, Giveaway and Follow Us!

I'm aware I haven't updated much over the last few days. I've had a kind of personal crisis that has needed sorted family wise, but I haven't completely abandoned the site. I've been thinking of some new ideas, making a lot of notes and plans behind the scenes, which I will be putting into place very soon, as well as some new buy and try reviews I will be posting over the next few days, including:
  • H and M foundation and powder brush review
  • Rimmel mousse eyeshadow review
  • My favorite fake tan products, including mini reviews on Johnson's Holiday Skin, Sally Hansen Airbrushed Sun and Piz Buin Self Tan Foam, as well as a how to on applying fake tan
  • How I bleached my hair blonde
  • Hair removal techniques
  • A christmas gift guide
  • My Christmas wish list
  • Festive fashion
  • The best red lipsticks - a compare and contrast of my favorites

Please don't hesitate to let me know what you'd like to see on the blog. As much as I write to vent my own opinions, I'd love to write about things you want to know about, plus I love buying and trying new products!

The giveaway is soon to be announced too! I will reveal the details over the upcoming days, so follow me to get involved and watch this space.

Finally, please follow Styliche on Twitter, Google and Facebook! You can find our links on the right hand side of the page, that way you will stay fully up to date with the site!! :)

H and M Smokey Eye Brush

I'd like to talk a little about the H and M Smokey Eye Brush that I bought recently.

As you can see, the H and M Smokey Eye Brush is a dual ended tool. On one end, a fluffy shadow brush and the other an angled brush. I found this at a steal for just £1.99, so had no reason not to buy and try considering the low price, although was initially a little skeptical about the quality as it was such a budget product and from a high street store.

Firstly, both brushes come mounted on this sleek, black handle, with the words "by H&M" imprinted in white text. It's certainly a chic looking tool to say it's so cheap.

I'm, in particular, a fan of angled brushes. They comes in use for multiple purposes, especially lining the eyes and eyebrows.

Not too long ago, I decided to bleach my hair blonde from my natural, mousy brown shade and I like to dye my eyebrows a few shades lighter than my natural colour and use this brush to fill them in with a light brown shadow to make them look fuller and more defined.

This brush is also great when used with eye liner. I find that you get a lot more precision out of an angled brush, particularly with gel liner products. It's a lot easier to control the thickness, shape and is brilliant for winged effects, for example.

The shadow brush is a God send. I usually use an Elizabeth Arden shadow brush, also dual ended with an angled brush, but it is a lot flatter than the H and M Smokey Eye Brush and is less fluffy, so is meant for more precise application rather than a smokey effect. The H and M brush, however, creates this beautiful soft gradient effect on the outer edges of your shadow application and blends brilliantly. I especially love using it with dark colours to create this sultry, sexy eye look.

This brush is definitely a competitor, even against designer brushes. I don't have a single bad word to say about it, although I'm curious how long the synthetic material they are made out of takes to wear. I rate this product a 4/5 and would definitely recommend!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Sister Rivalry? Kate Vs. Lottie Moss

I've never been a big Kate Moss fan, so the fact that she had a younger sister was news to me. Meet Lottie Moss:

At the mere age of just 13 years old, she's already making her debut in the modeling industry.

She was actually spotted at older sis, Kate's, wedding earlier on in the year, where she was a flowergirl, along with 14 other girls that she apparently "towered over" and by all means stood out from.

Now agencies from all over are rushing to sign her, while her father, Pete Moss, proclaims it's just early days yet but thinks it's only appropriate that Lottie make the most of her talent.

I personally think she's absolutely beautiful, but at the tender age of 13 years old, I'd be slightly worries about her being taken advantage of by the industry! Definitely one to watch, though.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Donatella Versace and H and M Launch Party

Besides LOVING the new Versace and H and M collaboration, I expressed my recent opinions/ concerns here.

The launch party was held at Pier 57, Manhattan, where a plethora of celebrities, fashion writers, editors and models gathered for the release of the new high street collection. Nicki Minaj kicked off the festivities by screaming 'Who's ready to f**king party?" at the crowd.

The collection officially goes on sale worldwide next Thursday. I'm really excited about seeing these piece in real life and will be heading down to my local mall, possibly to spend all of my hard earned cash on a new Versace for H and M outfit.

Here are some photograph's from the evening.

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Sunday, 13 November 2011

R.I.P Evelyn Lauder

The executive of designer cosmetics brand, Estée Lauder, and the founder of the pink ribbon breast cancer campaign, Evelyn Lauder, has sadly passed away, aged 75.

Lauder died on Saturday from complications of ovarian cancer, of which she was diagnosed in 2007. It is said that diagnosis of the disease did not stop her from continuing to support the breast cancer campaigns and continued to attend events all around the world, while still helping to develop the Estée Lauder brand and its products.

The beauty industry has definitely lost one of its greatest. My heart goes out to her friends and family.

R.I.P Evelyn Lauder.

Friday, 11 November 2011

H and M and City Chick

Our local centre is open 'til 10pm over the Christmas period and while I had nothing to do a couple of evenings ago, I decided to go start looking for gifts, before realizing I actually know what I'm buying friends and family already this year and I can get all that stuff online. So as you can imagine, this shopping trip turned into something less about buying for others and more for myself!

Luckily for me, and maybe for you, this shopping haul turned out to be quite a budgeted one. I've actually been searching for clothes as I'm in desperate need of a wardrobe update but nothing really seemed to tickle my fancy. Is it just me or does everything on the high street seem so preppy? I'm really picky when it comes to clothes and one thing I don't want is to be wearing exactly the same thing as those people that follow the crowd and wear something, not because they genuinely like it, but because everyone else is!

But anyway, rant aside and more so to the point, today's purchases consist of:

City Chick Petite Pre-glued Lashes
As you may, or more than likely will not know, I was pretty much a fake lash virgin up until recently. I've tried them an amazing grand total of... 2 times to date! I know that is dire and you'd think a beauty addict such as myself would at least have adequate experience with fake eyelashes. But no. I've seen so many lash disasters on other's where they've not been stuck on properly, have been coming loose, the falsies have descended from the lash line, the shape and length didn't suit them, etc, so I've kinda strayed from the idea. I am trying to change this though, I promise, and as a result have since purchased some Revlon fake lashes and these: City Chick Petite Pre-glued Lashes. I've only tried them on for a split second and I've got to say, I prefer them to the more expensive Revlon lashes. I'll write a more in depth comparison and review on both very soon though.

City Chick Leopard French Nails

Just before Halloween I purchased some of the same brand, except they had little purple polka dotted tips on them. They were really cute but I didn't expect much as they were so cheap, but they are actually now my new favourite fake nail brand! The nails are a petite size, so they're very short and look extremely natural. I find it a lot easier to type and text whilst wearing them too so they're suitable for day to day use. I went into the store to pick up some more today and noticed they had more styles and patterns in store so bought some of these lovely leopard printed ones (I love a bit of leopard print, me).

H and M Double Ended Foundation and Powder and Smokey Eye Brushes
My camera's broken :( And I couldn't find any good images of the brushes online, which is unfortunate, but as soon as it is fixed I will post some photo's of them.

I've needed a new foundation brush for a while. Recently I've been using the back of the hand, finger to face application, but I've decided that using a brush is a little more efficient and possibly more hygienic when washed regularly. In the same breath, I lost my other angled liner brush and my current shadow brush is more so for precision rather than for blending a smokey eye, which is indeed my favourite look. So how fortunate that I came across these brushes in H and M? I had no idea the quality would be so good either. They're made of synthetic hair and are very smooth, so I suspect good application.

The brushes are dual ended so on one is a large, fluffy powder brush and a foundation brush and the other - the "Smokey Eye" brush- a small, rather fluffy eyeshadow brush and on the opposite end a sleek, angled, both set on this rather chic looking, black handle.

H and M Nail Varnish Set
I've never been a big nail type of girl. I'm incapable of crying if one broke because, quite frankly, they wouldn't - I don't have any. But I'm going to try to stop biting them soon and I treated myself to some new nail varnish as a way of persuading myself, I guess. The set comes in a lovely blood red shade (perfect for the Christmas season), bright purple (my favourite colour) and black. I'll do some swatches, comparisons and reviews at a later date.

Simple Moisturising Facial Wash
I get dry skin throughout the winter months and couldn't find any E45 Emollient Wash anywhere. It's usually my face wash of choice when my skin is dry, but I heard this one was good.