Friday, 25 November 2011

Crest Whitening Strips

This is a recommendation for anyone out there looking for tooth whitening methods and products!

At the start of the year I'd been interested in looking at tooth whitening. I'd never used it before or even thought about it, but I'd gotten rid of braces a few years previous and I wanted to make the best of my teeth. They've never been yellow or discoloured but brilliant white teeth was something I was a big fan of, especially given that they were now straight and I wanted the whole package, basically.

I first tried this cheap ass tray and gel set which I was not so much a fan of! I believe it was from Body Care and costed something along the lines of £4. The gel tasted disgusting and I found myself dribbling all over the place with the tray on and to be honest, it didn't make that much of a difference.

After researching tooth whitening methods further, I came across Crest Whitening Strips, which seem to be somewhat of a phenomenon within the industry. And within reason, may I add!

They're rather expensive - I bought mine from Ebay at discounted price - but you only have to use them probably every 12 months or so and I got a 2 week supply (14 upper strips, 14 lowers strips, 28 strips in total).

They are basically plastic strips that are applied to the teeth and when pressed onto the teeth's surface and folded at the edges mould to the shape of your teeth, making the application precise and secure. No mess, gloop or dribbling. You can hardly notice they're there. I regularly went about college and performed my everyday business with them on without the worry of saliva down the face or a speech impediment.

There are two options when using Crest Whitening Strips: twice a day for half an hour each time, which would take you a week to complete the course, or once a day for half an hour which would take two weeks.

The two week course is for people with more sensitive teeth. One of the downfalls of this products is that it does sensitize the teeth, which can be very painful. I started using the twice a day method for a week, then reverted to only once a day as my teeth became quite sensitive.

The only other negative thing I have to say about this product, which really is not particularly relevant as it isn't a permanent issue, is that it does cause spotting on the teeth and white patchiness on the gum line and enamel, but this disappears within hours and is never a long lasting issue.

I was extremely pleased with this product. I had amazingly white teeth at the end of the course and months on I still have lovely white teeth. Please remember, brushing on a regularly basis is mandatory for the cleanliness and health of teeth which are both contributing factors to their whiteness. If you don't brush, they will probably just stain and become yellow a little time after whitening.

I would really recommend this product to smokers, heavy coffee and tea drinkers, etc. Like I said at the beginning of this review, I have never had particularly yellow or discoloured teeth but I believe those that do would be very benefited by this product, noticing a brilliant difference in the whiteness of their teeth.

Here is a video demonstrating how they work a little further!

I rate this product 4/5!



  1. I've been thinking of trying these for a while now - I'm gunna go get some tommorrow... thanks for the review! :) xo

  2. Isn't this a little bit dangerous? I mean, shouldn't this operation be done by a specialist?

  3. It's not dangerous, no. These products are widely available, legally. Which part of this product would concern you? The only thing that concerns myself is the fact that it makes the teeth sensitive, but this is only a temporary problem and subsides after the treatment is complete. Apart from this, there should be no health concerns, other than allergies, but this applies to everything we use. Hope this helps :)


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