Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Fashion and Beauty Survey - Get to know Me!

Here's a little fashion and beauty survey I found online I thought I'd share with you.

Tomboy or Girly girl: It really depends on the occasion and how I'm feeling. I love the classic, feminine look for a formal do, but right now I'm into the boyish trend, eg: short hair, brogues, etc, as an every day, more casual style.

Describe your hair: Short (just below the chin), choppy, layered and bleach blonde.

Describe your personal style: I really just wear what I like and what I believe suits me. My sense of style is also constantly changing and evolving, especially now that I'm getting older, but as I said earlier, loving the boyish look atm. I love combining vintage with new school trends to create something a bit fun.

What beauty secret did your mother pass on to you? Always wash off your make up at night. I have very sensitive skin, therefore break out extremely easily. It's hard remembering, and a lot of effort sometimes, to take off make up before sleep, especially if you've been out drinking, but I thank myself for it the following morning!

Personal beauty philosophy: Beauty comes from the inside out! As much as I blog about make up and looking good in a certain outfit, it really is important to be confident and happy in yourself and that shows on the outside. No matter how much slap you're wearing :)

Favorite lipgloss: I love Maxfactor Silk Gloss And Mac glosses!

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? A couple of hours max. It really depends where I'm going/ what I'm doing/ who I'm seeing.

Favorite peice of clothing in your closet: Right now it's my new, black, shiny brogues. They will be worn a lot over the upcoming weeks as they're practical for the wet weather and very on trend.

Do you spend a lot of money on your hair? Not really. I'm naturally brunette and bleach my hair blonde. I'm not really into the whole polished look, so going a few weeks with roots is not so much of an issue for me, I just use Sun Inn in between colouring. I just spend money on bleach and a good shampoo and conditioner to ensure it stays healthy and shiny. But I used to dye my hair different colours every few weeks and get my hair extended, but not so much anymore. I guess as you get older you find a style that suits you and stick to it.

What about beauty products in general? I've been spending more recently on beauty products, mostly due to the change in seasons and weather. I find that my skin changes, so I have to adapt my make up.

Would you ever have plastic surgery? Never say never. Just like anyone, I'm only human, I have insecurities. There are things about me I would like to change. Whether I'd take such a drastic approach is another story.

Biggest fashion no no: Wearing things that don't fit you. There's nothing worse than seeing someone spilling out their clothes. Not everyone's a size 00, and that's perfectly fine. We were all born different shapes and sizes, but just make sure you dress for your body shape and size.

What is the trend you dislike the most? I've never been a big fan of tweed.
Ever been to a fashion show? Yes.

How do you feel about celebrity culture? I believe it's a very tainted industry. The media likes to pull the wool over societies eyes, I guess you could say, and make us believe it's all fun and games. There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes, and a lot of what you see is very fabricated.

Favorite shampoo: I'm a fan of Tresemme, as it's low budget and good quality product. My fave is probably Aussie though, as their products smell amazing!

Favorite body wash: I love fragrance body washes, but I have very sensitive skin, so don't tend to use them. I like E45 and it's especially for sensitive skin and keeps it soft.

Do you tan? I do sometimes. I tend to use a moisturiser with a built in tanner, such as Johnson's Holiday Skin, as I'm not very good at applying proper tan.

What is your most important beauty product: Probably cleanser for when I have bad skin break outs as it helps keep it clear.

Would you ever go out in public without make up?
Not really. I like to think I make myself presentable, even if I'm just going to the shop.

Do you think you are fat? No, I'm perfectly healthy for my age and height.

What size jeans do you wear? 8/10

Who is your favorite celebrity? I love Pixie Lott for her sense of fashion. She's beautiful inside and out.

Who is your least favorite celebrity? I don't think I have a least favourite. Maybe someone who has celebrity status off the back of someone else.

Do you like metrosexual boys? Not if he spent more time getting ready than me, LOL!

What kind of toothpaste do you use? Colgate? I like anything that whitens my teeth, too.

Physical or intellectual beauty? As much as I love the idea of physical beauty, intellectual is deffo the one to watch, aha.

Favorite makeup line: I love Pixi Beauty atm, also Maxfactor on a budget, Chanel and Mac if you have the cash to splash.

Favorite skincare line: Anything that helps my skin when I break out. I'm a big fan of Neutrogena's cleanser's on a budget, Clearasil or Clean and Clear as I break out easy or E45 for when my skin is dry.

Do you look up to anyone in the fashion industry? Not particularly. I dress for me and for what I like, although I admire a few people's sense of style.

Ever want to be a make up artist? I would love to be a make up artist!

Describe your beauty routine: It depends on the day. I'll wake up, cleanse, tone, moisturise. And on top of that, prep with a primer and apply make up if I'm going out. I do the same at night, or use face wipes if I'm feeling lazy.

Is there anything you absolutely CAN'T wear? I don't believe there is.

Ever feel ugly? I think everyone get's down from time to time, no matter how beautiful you are.

Best quick fix: It sounds trivial, but just taking a hot shower, using some of my fave products and performing my usual beauty routine freshens me up. Especially before bed.

Who has great style? Pixie, Alexa Cheung, Agyness Deyn. I could go on.

Do you steel style ideas from friends? I think we all steal ideas from each other, although I believe our senses of style are all quite different.

Do you have a look? I have my own look, which changes a lot. It's a mix and match of fashions over the last few decades, including vintage, more new school trends which overall is quite fun and quirky.

Favorite perfume: Next Just Pink is my fave right now! It's really cheap too!

Feel free to post your answers in the comments, if you like!



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