Thursday, 10 November 2011

Almay Cosmetics and Skin Care

I've recently become a HUGE fan of Almay cosmetics. I have extremely sensitive skin and eyes and it's reassuring in knowing that their products are hypoallergenic, which means it's unlikely you will break out or react to them, otherwise I'm really susceptible to runny eyes and break outs.
Also, their products are not too heavy on the bank account, so you can forget about taking out that overdraft for now and what's even better is they're widely available for a lot less online. You can see where here: The Best Online Discount Cosmetic Stores.
Here are a few of my favourite.

Almay Pure Blends Loose Finishing Powder

My number 1 face powder of choice, I wouldn't go back after using Almay Pure Blends Loose Finishing Powder in Translucent Matt. There is also a shimmer powder available, which I decided to try out after using up all of my translucent matt, which I honestly wouldn't recommend. It's more so glittery than shimmery, which is annoying and made my face look rather cakey and dark. However, the translucent matt shade blended beautifully into my skin tone, regardless if I was tanned or paler and didn't ever look caked on, regardless of how much I used.

I don't tend to use the puff that came with the powder as I prefer to use a brush, but the packaging is beautiful and as mentioned comes with the relevant application tools.

I also love this as it's such a natural product. I have extremely acne prone skin - the slightest disagreement with my make up products and I'm breaking out like crazy, but I can honestly say I have slept in this product before now and not once have I reacted badly to it.

Almay One Coat Dial Up Mascara and Longwearing Eyeliner

I purchased the mascara and I believe the eyeliner came free as part of a deal package. 

Again, the most important thing about my make up products is that I don't react to them. I regularly find myself squinting a lot throughout the day, teary eyed with black running down my cheeks as I have very sensitive eyes. But not with these products.

I'm a big fan of the dial up mechanism within the mascara packaging. I'm not sure entirely how it works, but basically you can turn the dial to either 1, 2 or 3: 1 being the most natural lash look and 3 enabling longer, thicker lashes, more suited to a night time look I guess, but I prefer using 3 the majority of the time. It coats the lashes really well and I used the shade blackest black to emphasize my eyes even more.

The longwearing eyeliner does exactly as it says on the tin. I find myself reapplying eyeliner a lot, as it's the one product that actually makes my eyes stand out, but not half as much with this product in comparison to others.

Almay Pore Minimizer

I bought this on a whim. I've always had visible pores either side of my nose but this product was really cheap online so I decided to purchase it.

It's made of a silicon gel type formula which is really pleasant and glides really smoothly onto the skin, mattifying it also. 

I think I tend to use this product more so as a make up primer than for its original purpose: to minimize pores. Although it does do this and rather well, I love the even texture it gives my skin after application thus making it perfect before applying foundation.

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  1. gh for maximum benefits. However I live in NYC and find myself behind an office desk for the better part of the day- so I rarely have the time to bask in the sun for a good 15 min! pore refining


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