Friday, 11 November 2011

H and M and City Chick

Our local centre is open 'til 10pm over the Christmas period and while I had nothing to do a couple of evenings ago, I decided to go start looking for gifts, before realizing I actually know what I'm buying friends and family already this year and I can get all that stuff online. So as you can imagine, this shopping trip turned into something less about buying for others and more for myself!

Luckily for me, and maybe for you, this shopping haul turned out to be quite a budgeted one. I've actually been searching for clothes as I'm in desperate need of a wardrobe update but nothing really seemed to tickle my fancy. Is it just me or does everything on the high street seem so preppy? I'm really picky when it comes to clothes and one thing I don't want is to be wearing exactly the same thing as those people that follow the crowd and wear something, not because they genuinely like it, but because everyone else is!

But anyway, rant aside and more so to the point, today's purchases consist of:

City Chick Petite Pre-glued Lashes
As you may, or more than likely will not know, I was pretty much a fake lash virgin up until recently. I've tried them an amazing grand total of... 2 times to date! I know that is dire and you'd think a beauty addict such as myself would at least have adequate experience with fake eyelashes. But no. I've seen so many lash disasters on other's where they've not been stuck on properly, have been coming loose, the falsies have descended from the lash line, the shape and length didn't suit them, etc, so I've kinda strayed from the idea. I am trying to change this though, I promise, and as a result have since purchased some Revlon fake lashes and these: City Chick Petite Pre-glued Lashes. I've only tried them on for a split second and I've got to say, I prefer them to the more expensive Revlon lashes. I'll write a more in depth comparison and review on both very soon though.

City Chick Leopard French Nails

Just before Halloween I purchased some of the same brand, except they had little purple polka dotted tips on them. They were really cute but I didn't expect much as they were so cheap, but they are actually now my new favourite fake nail brand! The nails are a petite size, so they're very short and look extremely natural. I find it a lot easier to type and text whilst wearing them too so they're suitable for day to day use. I went into the store to pick up some more today and noticed they had more styles and patterns in store so bought some of these lovely leopard printed ones (I love a bit of leopard print, me).

H and M Double Ended Foundation and Powder and Smokey Eye Brushes
My camera's broken :( And I couldn't find any good images of the brushes online, which is unfortunate, but as soon as it is fixed I will post some photo's of them.

I've needed a new foundation brush for a while. Recently I've been using the back of the hand, finger to face application, but I've decided that using a brush is a little more efficient and possibly more hygienic when washed regularly. In the same breath, I lost my other angled liner brush and my current shadow brush is more so for precision rather than for blending a smokey eye, which is indeed my favourite look. So how fortunate that I came across these brushes in H and M? I had no idea the quality would be so good either. They're made of synthetic hair and are very smooth, so I suspect good application.

The brushes are dual ended so on one is a large, fluffy powder brush and a foundation brush and the other - the "Smokey Eye" brush- a small, rather fluffy eyeshadow brush and on the opposite end a sleek, angled, both set on this rather chic looking, black handle.

H and M Nail Varnish Set
I've never been a big nail type of girl. I'm incapable of crying if one broke because, quite frankly, they wouldn't - I don't have any. But I'm going to try to stop biting them soon and I treated myself to some new nail varnish as a way of persuading myself, I guess. The set comes in a lovely blood red shade (perfect for the Christmas season), bright purple (my favourite colour) and black. I'll do some swatches, comparisons and reviews at a later date.

Simple Moisturising Facial Wash
I get dry skin throughout the winter months and couldn't find any E45 Emollient Wash anywhere. It's usually my face wash of choice when my skin is dry, but I heard this one was good.



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