Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Wish List - November 2011

I'm a sucker for lists! I love them! I often find myself listing a bunch of things I want. Most of which I desire but never actually get round to buying, either a.) because they're way out of my budget or b.) because I completely forget about them and move on to obsessing over some new trend. Anyway, the Wish List will be a monthly feat here at Styliche as I'm always discovering new products I'd like to buy and try, all of which I will hopefully get round to reviewing on the blog.

Texturizing shampoo - I’ve always been a fan of layered hair. A few months ago I sliced it all off, up to my chin, bleached it platinum blonde and had a gazillion choppy layers cut into it to enhance the texture and give it some volume. I love the look when my hair is styled, but given I have fine hair anyway, plus the fact I bleached the crap out of it, I’d rather not use heated tools like straighteners and curlers every day. I’m looking for a texturizing shampoo that will enhance my layers and give it a bit more dimension without the heat.

Green foundation for redness - I’ve always had a red tinge to my face - nowhere else on my body - just my face. Covering it up with regular foundation is very hard, unless it has maximum coverage, as I tend to end up with warm, pink tones on my face, whereas the rest of my skin, like on my neck, is very cool- toned in comparison. I have no idea why and still to this day are clueless, but have found a way to combat it: green foundation. I learned a lot about colour neutralization and the colour wheel when I riskily decided to bleach my hair from black to platinum blonde, without the aid of a hair dresser. Anyway, on the colour wheel red is directly opposite to green. This means that they cancel each other out and this also applies to your skin. I heard No.7 have a great green foundation called No.7 Colour Calming Make-Up Basewhich I’m tempted to try out.

Collared shirts - The Peter Pan collar has returned! Vintage looks are definitely my favourite, particularly circa 1940’s, so I’m excited to get my collar on!

Ankle boots - I don’t know why, but I’ve recently become infatuated with ankle boots, specifically black ones with chunky heels. I love the boots and socks look. I saw these ones in River Island a couple of days ago. At £96, the price is a little steep. Guess I’m going to have to wait ‘til pay day or find some cheaper alternatives :(

Costume rings and Scrabble rings - I’ve been wearing a lot of black recently, which I always love to make look a little more interesting with jewellery, especially costume rings. I usually have at least 3 or 4 rings on at one given time, if I choose to wear any at all. I also, up until recently, had a J Scrabble ring but it broke. I’m looking for somewhere to purchase it again, as it was my favourite ring! I was so disappointed when it broke as it was so original and quirky. I’m also contemplating buying an O Scrabble ring too so I can have my name on my fingers. Always a good idea if I decide to get a little tipsy and forget who I am!

Leopard Print Fur Coat - The whole leopard print was a little too much for me when it first decided to reintroduce its little furry head to the fashion industry a couple of years ago, but I’ve definitely warmed up to the idea and now I’m loving leopard print fur coats (faux, of course)! Just in time for the winter chill. Again, I saw one in River Island, on sale, that I loved!

What’s on your wish list this month?



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